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Sala Thai Style

Towering teak trees greeted us 22 years ago when we first moved into northern Thailand. We marveled at Thailand’s innate beauty and at the hospitality of its people. As we studied the language and culture, we became endeared to their way of life. We moved to a province known for its handcrafted teak furniture. With the Chamber of Commerce and other government agencies, we partnered to help local craftsmen develop their quality and connect to international markets. When we realized we needed to return to the States to care for aging parents, Sala Thai was born.

Sala Thai’s passion is to share the beauty of golden teak and the virtues of the Thai lifestyle. The Northern Thai culture values relationship, balance and beauty. Their lifestyle makes room to relax and connect with friends while enjoying the restorative benefits of nature. Every home has a “sala,” a covered porch beautifully decorated with natural elements. Lush plants, orchids, flowing water, fish and of course, teak wood furnishings create a refreshing retreat. The purpose is to unwind, de-stress, and relate to one another. We want to help you create your own sala of retreat with heirloom quality teak furniture.

Sala Thai is located in Fort Worth, Texas. We import directly from our friends in Thailand to our warehouse. Since we don’t maintain a retail store, we pass the savings on to you. We value excellence, integrity and mission: excellence in craftsmanship and service, integrity in business and relationship, and mission which is our calling to serve God and others.

  Sala Thai Style outdoor furniture patio

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