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Relax With Solid Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture

Teak wood chair for Patio

Excellent Value

We offer handcrafted heirloom quality modern teak outdoor furniture at wholesale prices. We import directly from our friends in Thailand to our warehouse in Fort Worth, Texas. Without a retail store, we pass the savings on to you. Our solid teak outdoor furniture is backed by our 90-day money-back guarantee and limited lifetime warranty.

teak wood furniture


Our high-quality teak outdoor furniture is made in Thailand from solid, Grade A teak wood. Being native to the forests of northern Thailand, Thai teak has higher density and durability than teak grown in other places. Sturdy construction using mortise and tenon joinery ensures long life and enjoyment.

teak wood outdoor furniture

Low Maintenance

Teak is the undisputed choice for outdoor furniture because it's naturally resistant to weathering, rot, and insects. Teak's organic beauty doesn't require finishing or polishing. Your furniture will perform reliably in any outdoor environment, in every season, and for years to come.

A Designated Place of Leisure

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teak patio furniture made of wood

3 easy steps

Wow! This is really beautiful furniture. I wish I saw this before I bought my table and chairs.


This deep seating chair is comfortable and very solid. The wood is so smooth to the touch.


I like how all your options go together. It's easy to mix and match to find the right solution for me.



Rest in comfortable, pleasing furniture as you benefit from the restorative properties of outdoors.


Create more space and extend your living room outdoors. Make room to enjoy the people in your life, including yourself.


Invest in your emotional and relational health while you beautify your home with heirloom quality furniture.

How often has a hectic pace robbed you of leisure, of quality time with family and friends, and of the therapeutic benefits of time outdoors?

You can create your own outdoor retreat at home.

Start now by choosing the teak wood outdoor furniture that's right for you.

Sala Thai

Quality teak outdoor furniture that helps you create an outdoor retreat to relax and connect with loved ones

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