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Sala Thai Teak Furniture | News

  • Outdoor Dining

    Outdoor grill, cool drinks, and good company! We love to gather outdoors for summer meals and quality time with family and friends. New pool, patio, pergola, or landscaping? Invest in some quality teak furniture to complete your outdoor living space.
  • Patio Furniture Sale

    Winter storm is over! Spring is sprung! Perfect weather! Time for some new patio furniture for your outdoor living space! Our solid wood, grade A, teak outdoor furniture is in stock and we offer FREE delivery in our Dallas Fort Worth service area.    Call now for an appointment! 888-773-0533

  • Perfect patio furniture for Spring

    The COVID-19 pandemic has forced families to rethink their living spaces. As spring blossoms, expand outdoors to enjoy some fresh air.  Let Sala Thai help you transform your space with comfortable teak patio furniture. Get ready to relax in your new outdoor retreat!
  • Outdoor Living Thai Style

    Sala Thai’s passion is to share the beauty of golden teak outdoor furniture and the virtues of the Thai lifestyle. Every home has a “sala,” a covered porch beautifully decorated with natural elements. The purpose is to unwind, de-stress, and relate to one another.
  • Outdoor Living Space Ideas

    You can extend the usefulness outdoor living space by following these tips. Your space will provide relief from the hot summer sun and become a beautiful, relaxing retreat for you and your loved ones.